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Founded in 1996 as a single pharmacy in Scottsdale, Arizona, Avella Specialty Pharmacy (Avella) has strategically expanded to become one of the nation’s most respected specialty pharmacies. Once known primarily for its quality compounding capabilities, Avella is now recognized for its national specialty pharmacy services and its unparalleled high-touch therapy management programs. Avella’s mission is to optimize patient health through a relentless devotion to clinical excellence. A leader in the specialty pharmacy industry, Avella’s enhanced clinical management programs educate and empower patients, enhance patient adherence, promote regular communications with providers, and reduce costs at every opportunity. Since 1996, Avella has grown its national distribution facility, its community-based specialty pharmacies, its sales force, and its wholesale division to consistently provide personal, timely, and cost-effective specialty pharmacy services to hundreds of thousands of patients and practitioners throughout the U.S.

To reflect its growth from a strong regional specialty pharmacy to a national provider of specialty pharmacy services, the company launched its new corporate identity in August 2012. The rebranding establishes a single entity that more accurately represents the evolution of the company and facilitates communication with customers and partners. The letters within Avella are selected from key words “Health, Devotion and Excellence” in the company's mission statement, “ To optimize patient health through a relentless devotion to clinical excellence.” The new infinity logo illustrates the continuous and uninterrupted commitment to patients and providers.

Avella’s blended service model differentiates it from other specialty pharmacies. Avella combines high volume national distribution facilities and community-based specialty pharmacies with an extensive national sales organization. The model eliminates many barriers to access, expedites initiation of therapy, facilitates communication, promotes education, and frees clinicians and their staff from time-consuming activities, such as prior authorization processes and financial assistance for patients, associated with specialty pharmacy.

Corporate FAQ:

Q. What is the history of Avella?
A. Avella was founded in 1996 under the name “The Apothecary Shops”. What started as a single location in Scottsdale, Arizona by pharmacist John Musil, Pharm. D., FACA, has grown to pharmacies across the country, as well as a thriving national mail-order business. The company is considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in Arizona according to the Inc. 5000 list.

Q. Where can I find my nearest location?
A. Please visit the locations tab on our website ( for the location nearest you. Avella proudly serves patients in all 50 states through our national and regional distribution facilities.

Q. Why did The Apothecary Shops change its name to Avella?
A. In 2013, we rebranded our company to establish a single entity that more accurately represents the evolution and capabilities of the company. Since our start as a compounding pharmacy, we have deepened our expertise in multiple clinical areas and have expanded offerings to now include a wholesale division and a national mail distribution facility. A name that only identified our compounding portion of the business no longer fit the organization.

Q. How is Avella different from other specialty pharmacies?
A. There are a number of factors that differentiates Avella from other specialty pharmacies. First and foremost, our experienced team members go to great lengths to ensure that all of our patients understand their prescription regimen and remain compliant with their treatment plan through a variety of adherence tools. Avella is committed to improving patient medication adherence and health outcomes. As such, we actively support patients with novel adherence tools including Glowcaps® (, text-message reminders, in-person educational classes and more.

Our team members also have a deep clinical knowledge in key specialties and disease states, providing patients with a vast array of resources surrounding the highly specialized medicines we dispense. A pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to work with patients, doctors and insurance companies, and to provide comprehensive treatment.

Q. What types of specialty drugs would I find at Avella?
A. We offer a wide variety of medications and prescriptions at all of our locations throughout the U.S. Our pharmacies are capable of supporting a wide range of pharmaceutical care needs for our patients, but we have focused on providing specialized services in specific disease states/patient groups that include:

Oncology Infectious diseases (HIV, Hepatitis)
Fertility Ophthalmology
Transplant Dermatology
Rheumatoid Arthritis Urology

Approximately 75% of our business deals with oncology and infectious disease treatments, but our pharmacies have the resources to treat people and animals alike, in a variety of disease states

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